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Making A Gala Entry

Once you have selected which events your swimmer is going to enter, it is time to make the entry.  Remember all entries must be before the gala closing date (as detailed in the original gala email).  We use the SCDS system to enter galas.

  1. Log in – Darlington ASC Membership (
  2. Select Gala, Enter a Gala,
  3. Select the swimmer and relevant gala
  4. Tick all the races to be entered

To complete the entry process a time must be entered for each event, this will be used to seed the swimmer at the gala.  Each swimmer’s competitive times swam in licenced galas are recorded in their Swim England information, this is found at Individual Best Times | Swim England (, there’s even a conversion between long and short course times, or use our handy time converter.  Remember, if the gala conditions allow and your swimmer does not have a time for an event they would like to enter, speak to your Coach about a suitable Coach’s time for entry. 

Remember, it is your responsibility to enter a time for your swimmer for each race entered, without this your entry will not be able to be made.  For any queries please contact the Competition Secretary (

Paying for Gala Entries

The gala conditions will detail the entry charge per event (usually between £5-£12).  Once entries have been submitted you can choose to pay immediately via card payment or if you leave the payment blank the amount will be added to your next monthly direct debit payment. 

SE (Swim England) Registration

As a general rule, swimmers have to be at least 9 years old to compete in a licenced gala and generally have to be registered at Club Compete level. (Some Shrimp galas, Diddy League and N&D teams allow 8 year olds to compete).  A swimmer can be upgraded to this level at any time during the year.  There will be an upgrade fee to pay. You will be contacted by the Membership Secretary if this is required, and generally after the club has received notification of accepted gala entries.

Gala Entry Confirmation

Remember gala entries are not finalised until they have been confirmed as accepted.  On some occasions galas may be over subscribed and then entries are accepted either based on fastest swim times or on a first-come, first-served basis.  Please bear this in mind when making arrangements, until you have received confirmation, there is a chance your entry may not be accepted. If your entry is rejected your entry fee will be refunded after the host club refund DASC. Unfortunately this can sometimes take several weeks.

Withdrawing From a Gala

If you are unable to attend the gala, you should inform the Competition Secretary ( upto 2 days before the gala.  For later withdrawals the details of who to contact will be provided by e-mail shortly before the gala.   Please note, there are usually no refunds given for withdrawals, with the possible exception of proof of medical reasons, but details will be provided in the conditions of the gala.