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Gala Officials

It is important that we have our own qualified gala officials who are willing to officiate at galas on behalf of DASC. We currently have several club members who are qualified gala officials and/or in training to become qualified at a variety of levels. We would love to hear from anyone who would like to start becoming a gala official. There are plenty of perks to being one, not least a great view of the gala action on poolside for free, plus a good lunch as well for an all-day gala! 

The Perks of Being a Qualified Gala Official

  • Free entry to galas
  • A grandstand view of the action
  • A free lunch
  • Travelling expenses to the gala
  • You would be doing your bit to help local swimmers

What more could you ask for?!
If you have to be at a gala, why not benefit from these perks?!

Why is it important for DASC to have Gala officials?

  • DASC currently does not have many qualified gala officials and it would spread the load for our few very hard-pressed officials.
  • DASC is required to provide officials at various galas eg Diddy League galas and local schools galas. For some Championship galas, clubs are required to provide gala officials in order that their swimmers can compete.
  • It would be great if we could run our Dander Meet entirely with DASC officials.
  • With enough Officials we could Liscense our Internal Club Galas, allowing all times generated by swimmers to be logged with Swim England.
  • As older swimmers and their qualified parents leave the club, we need to replace them with new officials.

The Small Print

To be accepted onto a training course you will need to be a DASC member and registered with the ASA. If you are not already, this only involves filling in one form. The club will pay the costs of this. If you are interested or would like more information or to talk to an official about what is involved, please email