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DASC Committee

The committee has overall responsibility for the running of the club and consists of three Executive Officers, namely; Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer, plus up to thirteen other committee members, who are elected each year from the adult membership of the club.

All committee members are volunteers working on behalf of the members of the club. They do not necessarily have previous experience or expertise of swimming or swimming clubs, but are willing to serve the club as best they can. 

Committee members are involved with the general administration of the club, finance, organization of club events (e.g. galas, fundraising etc), and most importantly representing the views of club members. The committee meets about once a month and the Head Coaches (swimming and diving) and Welfare Officer are also invited to attend meetings.

Current Committee Members

Chair                            Simon Kestle

Treasurer                      Stephen Valgolio

Secretary                      Liz Gooding

Committee Members:  

Carol Bottomley, Rob Douglas-Reeves, Paul Wailes, Christian Cooper, David Gill, Diane Jones, Gary Nicholson, Joanne Oliver, Vivekanand Prasard, Jannicke Tait, Clare Wheeler.


The Annual General Meeting of DASC takes place each year during the month of April. At the AGM the DASC Committee for the coming year is elected. 

All Committee Members are volunteers. No specific expertise with regard to swimming or diving is required, just a willingness to help the Club and be involved in decision making. Anyone who is 18 or over and an adult member of DASC can attend the AGM and speak and vote at it, and is eligible to stand for election to the Committee.

The next DASC AGM will be held in April 2024