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DASC Club Gala Programme 2022

DASC will hold four Club Galas on Tuesday Club Nights throughout the year in the main pool at the Dolphin Centre, as well as a Distance Gala (800m Free for girls and 1500m Free for boys), 400m Freestyle Gala and 400IM Gala. Swimmers in all squads are strongly encouraged to participate in events according to their ability and squad requirements, and, for some squads, at the discretion of their coach. The number of entrants to some events may be restricted due to time limits for running the whole gala. Some events may be restricted to certain squads only. The 25m event is only open to swimmers aged 8/under from ALL squads or those aged 9 &10 from B1, B2, B3 squads. Click here to view the current season competition calendar to view forthcoming dates of 2022 Club Galas. Results from previous Club Galas can be found under the ‘Gala Results’ section.

Club Gala Records

Championship Points from Club Gala Events

Within the Club Gala programme above you will see some events are starred with ‘cc points’. This means that particular event means you can earn points. Points are awarded at the club galas throughout the year for the fastest 8 swimmers of any age in 100m of each stroke (not IM) and the 800m/1500m Free events. The DASC Club Champion is the swimmer with the most points after those 5 events and will receive a trophy at the Christmas Awards Night.

Club Skins Event

  • As part of the Internal Club Gala series, Gala 4 includes a skins event for 12yrs/under and 13yrs/over.
  • Qualification is from the 200IM in Club Gala 3; the fastest 8 male/female swimmers.

Sprint Award Scheme for Younger Swimmers

For many newcomers to the club you may not be aware that DASC runs an award scheme to encourage young or inexperienced swimmers by providing them with targets to aim at and achieve. Our scheme sets target times for all four strokes and Individual Medley at three different levels – bronze, silver and gold. If your swimmer achieves any of the times in a gala (either a club gala or an external gala), then they can buy a sprint award badge. Many swimmers choose to have the badges sewn on to the back of their T-bag T-shirts.