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Volunteering to Help at Galas

When you attend a gala with your swimmer you will notice there are a number of volunteers who are poolside or behind the scenes helping the gala to run smoothly.  If you are willing to help out, a good place to start is with our internal club galas. There are roles that require no specific training or expertise, and can be picked up by shadowing someone else e.g. helping a coach look after a squad, marshalling (sending swimmers to the start on time), fundraising, being a runner (posting results, passing on documents and messages etc).

Once you have been to a few galas, and especially if you anticipate attending galas with your swimmer for years to come, please consider training and becoming qualified as:

  • A Gala Official

See Gala Officials – Darlington ASC  or talk to any of the DASC qualified gala officials

  • A Team Manager

Talk to any of the DASC Team Managers or Coaches or contact for more information.