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Good News the Dolphin Centre is due to re open at the end of this month. Please find below our new training programme effective from January 28th.

Whilst building renovations are still continuing at the Dolphin Centre; access to the main pool will be as follows:

DC morning sessions 06.15am-09.00am – Access will be, turn right towards Soft play, Turn left down the old Squash court corridor. There is a door at the end, on entering you can turn left to the changing village or carry on to the training pool access. Once in the training pool swimmers need to walk past the Diving pool in order to access the main pool

DC sessions between 09.00am and 21.00pm – Access will be through the tunnel that has been built outside the changing village through the glass doors.

Please can we ask that all parents and guardians refrain from using photography equipment (including mobile phones) to take photographs or film children during training sessions. The club operates under the Swim England Wavepower policy which illustrates that parental consent for all children in the pool at the time must be obtained prior to any videoing of children. Please use this link for further information.

Click on each pool training venue for full details on the procedures and guidelines that all swimmers must follow when attending these facilities.