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How To Choose Which Gala And Which Races

When you feel your swimmer is ready to compete it is best to have a discussion with their Coach, they will help you select a suitable gala and suggest a range of suitable races.

Start with the DASC Club Galas

A great way to start your swimmer’s gala experience is at one of the DASC Club Galas.  These internal galas are only for DASC swimmers and are held 4 times a year, in the Dolphin Centre.  Click here to find out more DASC Club Gala Programme 2022 – Darlington ASC

Volunteers are always needed to help the club galas run smoothly.  Requests will be made by the coaches or gala organiser, so please help where you can, and remember help will be given to any newcomers.  Click here to find out more.

Selecting External Galas

During the year the coaches select a wide range of galas in the local region to provide a good mix of opportunities for all our squads.  Galas are subject to change, but the Competition Calendar provides an overview and is kept updated , with more details included in Events – Darlington ASC.  Remember, not every gala is open to or suitable for all swimmers, so check the gala conditions before entering.

When a gala opens for entries, an email will be sent to all squads who are eligible for entry. Keep an eye on the closing dates as some galas require a quick turnaround.

Selecting Races

Gala programmes normally run over a weekend and are split into morning and afternoon sessions.  Each session will have about 5 or 6 events but remember there will be multiple heats, often with over a hundred swimmers competing.  Before each session there will be a warmup, often starting at 8am!  The key is to choose events wisely, especially for your first few galas. 

Top Tips

Don’t be too ambitious, maybe start with a few events in 1 or 2 sessions.

Plan you races, try and avoid large gaps between races, especially avoid entering just two races which are the first race and the last race of the day!

Check what age your swimmer will be swimming as.  This can vary from age on day or age at end of year and will be detailed in the gala conditions.

Check the entry requirements and qualifying times, your swimmer may not be able to enter all events.

If your swimmer does not have a time for an event they would like to enter, discuss it with your Coach, you may be able to use a Coach’s expected time to enter.