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Attending Galas

Attending Galas

Going to your first gala can feel a bit daunting, the following information should help you prepare.

Arriving at the gala

  • Warm-ups usually start one hour before the gala start time.
  • Galas are busy and parking can be difficult, so allow plenty of time
  • Changing areas are for swimmers only, so parents cannot accompany their swimmer into them
  • Swimmers usually take their bag with them onto poolside
  • The DASC Coaches and Team Managers will be on the poolside and the DASC swimmers should sit together
  • All spectators are required to pay an entry fee (usually £5-10 for the session or day)
  • A programme is usually available to purchase at the gala or may be online before the gala.  If a gala has online results a link will be shared via the gala conditions or in the DASC Facebook group

During the Gala

  • The warmup is held before each session.  The DASC Coaches and Team Managers will guide swimmers.
  • The Coach will talk to each swimmer before their race and send them to the marshalling area, where they check in for their race.
  • After each race swimmers should talk to the Coach for feedback.
  • Swimmers should let the DASC Coaches and Team Managers know if they need to leave the poolside and when they are leaving the gala.
  • There will be more experienced swimmers there to support your swimmer.  Galas are social as well as competitive, so most swimmers enjoy spending time with friends. 


  • Club swimming hat and goggles (and a spare set)
  • Clean pool shoes (trainers, sliders or crocs etc)
  • Club t-shirt and hoodie (if you have them).
  • Dry clothes for between swims 
  • Spare swimwear
  • Plenty of drinks, lunch and snacks
  • Something to keep you and your swimmer occupied (they might even get some help from other swimmers with their homework!)

Lost Property

Swimmers are responsible for their own belongings and naming clothes and bags is recommended. The Coaches and Team Managers will try to do a sweep for forgotten items at the end of the gala.