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The Right Time to Start Entering Galas

Our Coaches will encourage their swimmers to take part in swimming galas when they show an interest in racing and feel that they are ready to take their swimming to a competitive level.  The Coach will help your swimmer prepare for racing and help them to understand the technical rules required when competing.

Remember to enter most licenced galas, swimmers have to be at least 9 years old.

Why enter a gala?

There are lots of reasons for entering a gala:

  • To see progress
  • To put training into practice
  • To improve personal best times
  • To achieve qualifying times for other galas
  • To learn by watching other swimmers
  • To represent DASC
  • To meet new people from different squads and clubs
  • To have fun
  • To win

Most of our swimmers and parents find galas a social activity as well as a competitive one.  It is a good chance for your swimmer to spend time with swimmers from other squads, it is not uncommon to see our older swimmers talking with and encouraging the younger ones.