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Diving Video Replay system


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Sport England have accepted our application for match funding to purchase a ‘replay system’ which will enhance our training massively through instant visual feedback.

Many larger clubs have this resource already, so to raise funds to purchase this equipment would be fantastic. We’ll be launching our Crowdfunder page on Monday evening and there are all sorts of ‘rewards’ on offer for the first few donations made such as giftcards, t-shirts and family passes. . We’ll be adding to these rewards throughout our campaign so keep a look out for what’s new. You can have a sneak peek at our unpublished page here to find out more.

We are looking to raise £4500 for the replay system and we’ll need all the help we can get. We will only receive the match funding if we reach our full target, so we’ll need to raise £2250 on our own. We’d like to get you all on board to make a small donation, forward the email onto as many people and businesses as you can, share the page on your social media or whatever else you can offer.

It would be great if you could show us your support on our launch date and be the first ones to make a donation. The replay system is not only useful for just divers but can be used for advertising at Galas, playback of swimming starts, anything really that you can play on a mobile phone, so I’m sure it will be useful for all. Looking forward to launching our project Darlington’s Diving Team

Thanks for any help you can give