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DASC Club Shop


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While the Dolphin Centre main pool is closed and the temporrary training programme is running, we are not going to have a Tuesday Club Desk, but will try to make some DASC Swim Shop items available for sale as follows:

  • Darlington ASC hats
  • Water bottles
  • Sprint Award Badges
  • T-bag T-shirts

Debbie Johnson, mother of swimmers in A2 and A1 squad, will usually be in the Dolphin Centre Back Tank on Sundays 4.40-6.20 and can fetch specific items from the Swim Shop locker for you. If you are not able to make that, then please send your ‘order’ to  stating your swimmer’s name and squad and what you want to buy. Your order will be made up and we will arrange for it to get to you as best we can. You will be given a receipt with your order and you will be invoiced via your Direct Debit at the start of the following month as usual.

Just a reminder that you can find out more about what you can buy and where by clicking on Club Kit menu above.