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Rotherham Metro A and B Grade Long Course Meet

About this gala

Sheaf Street

Entries are now closed for this meet.


We have supported this gala for many years taking a big squad of swimmers for the weekend. Hopefully we can do the same again.

This is a great gala for a first experience of swimming in a 50m pool (long course). It is open to swimmers in A1 Squad, A2 Squad, A3 Squad and B Squad swimmers at coach discretion – please discuss with your coach in good time.

It is managed by organisers on a “first come, first served” entry basis which means a very early closing date of 1st November to try and get our entries accepted.

Entries must be submitted via the SCDS member account and with an entry timefor every swim please, or may be rejected. Speak to the squad coach in good time about events and entry times.

It is two galas in one. Swimmers will be split into A grade and B grade based on the times they swim on the day and not on their entry time. Awards will be given to the fastest three swimmers in each age group in each event after taking account of the cut off times. Any swimmer achieving a faster time than the A grade cut off time are not eligible for an award.

  • Age is on the 23rd January 2022
  • Fee for DASC entries is £6.75 per swim
  • Events are 50m, 100m, 200m all strokes plus 200m Individual Medley
  • Refunds will not be given for withdrawal of accepted entries for any reason
  • Risk assessment and covid arrangements will follow any guidance and pool operator requirements at the time of the gala

Terms and Conditions of the Gala

List of Events

Cut off times