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Club Gala

About this gala


Swimmers should arrive swim ready if possible to minimise the use of the changing village, are recommended to sanitise hands and socially distance where possible. Anyone feeling unwell or having symptoms of coronavirus should not attend. It is recommended that all swimmers take a test within 48 hours of the gala day. Unfortunately due to restrictions on capacity numbers, spectators are not allowed on poolside.

The gala is licenced at Level 4 and will be run under technical rules and conditions.

Warm ups:

All swimmers in A3/B1/B2 Squads – 5.45-6pm

Girls in Top/A1/A2 Squads – 6-6.15pm

Boys in Top/A1/A2 Squads – 6.15-6.30pm

We aim to start the gala at 6.30pm and it is expected to finish approximately 8.10pm.

Swimmers are able to leave once they have finished their events.

Any questions please discuss with your squad coach.

Draft programme Club Gala 30 November 2021


Please note that the age of the swimmer for this gala is their age as at 31st December 2021.

Awards will be made for first three in the age groups;

  • 10/under years
  • 11&12 years
  • 13 & 14 years
  • 15/over years


Entries are now open and can be submitted using your SCDS member account. If you are new to entering galas please click here for guidance on how to do it through the online membership system. Entries must be submitted by Tuesday 23rd November.

  • As we are required to finish the gala by 9pm not all events are available for every swimmer to enter – please see the list below to find out which event(s) your swimmer can enter (speak to your squad coach if unsure). Swimmers must be age 9 years old on 31st December 2021 to take part and it is free to enter.
  • We are working closely with the pool operator to be able to hold this gala and it means that unfortunately, due to capacity restrictions in the pool hall there can be NO spectators on poolside.
  • Additionally, swimmers should arrive swim ready to minimise time spent in the changing village, are encouraged to practice social distancing where possible, to sanitise hands on entry to the venue and to wear a mask when entering and leaving the venue.
  • Warm up will be from 5.45pm and we aim to start at 6.30pm. The gala will be run under Technical Rules and conditions.
  • A2 and B2 Squad training sessions will still be on, starting at 5pm and finishing at 5.45pm. Any swimmer from these squads taking part in the gala should remain on poolside with their coach, others should leave.


1. Girls 9/Over – 50m Freestyle (A3/B1/B2 Squads)

2. Boys 9/Over – 50m Freestyle (A3/B1/B2 Squads)

3. Girls 9/Over – 100m Breaststroke (All Squads)

4. Boys 9/Over – 100m Breaststroke (All Squads)

5. Girls 9/Over – 50m Butterfly (All Squads)

6. Boys 9/Over – 50m Butterfly (All Squads)

7. Girls 9/Over – 200m Freestyle (Top/A1/A2 Squads)

8. Boys 9/Over – 200m Freestyle (Top/A1/A2 Squads)