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Gala Information

If you are a parent or swimmer who is a newcomer to the club, you may have many questions especially about competitive swimming in galas. Try clicking on some of the links below for some useful information and hopefully some answers to your questions. Do also ask your squad coach for advice.

Why enter a gala?

Which gala and which races to enter?

What does all the gala jargon mean?

How to enter a gala?

Going to your first gala

Location of other pools

Converting times 
Useful for converting between short course (25m pool) and long course (50m) times

British Swimming Results website Really useful to:

  • Check your ASA Membership
  • View your Biographical Data (i.e. Best times)
  • View Rankings Information
  • View Licensed Gala Results

Generic Gala Entry Form

  • Use the generic gala entry form for all galas except internal club galas
  • Entry forms must be completed with entry times and ASA registration number. If you are quite new into the club you may not yet have received an ASA registration card which has the ASA registration number on it. You need to be registered at ASA Category 2 (competing swimmer) by the time you compete in a licensed gala(all galas except Diddy League galas and internal club galas). You can upgrade your ASA registration at any time during the year by completing a yellow ASA registration form and paying the upgrade fee. Email for a form and more information.
  • Entry fees must be included by cheque/correct cash. 
  • If you have not got any recorded times for the events you are entering please ask your squad coach for an estimate or email

Keeping Records of Gala Times

It is very important that you keep an up-to-date record of your swimmer’s Personal Best times and details of the date and gala where they happened. This will help you to judge which future galas are appropriate for your swimmer to enter and enable you to complete the gala entry forms more easily.

If you haven’t set up your own system for recording your times from galas, then you might find it helpful to buy one of our new Record Books to help you make a start. They are on sale at the Club Shop. Alternatively start one in a notebook or spreadsheet.

If you are missing some gala times, then have a look at the Gala Reports and Results and/or the British Swimming Results website.

You can buy sprint awards (gold, silver and bronze) at the club shop on a Tuesday evening (every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month).